European Pheasant Hunts

This exciting adventure has become very popular among hunters. Duplicating the driven pheasant hunts of England and red-legged partridge shooting in Spain, participants take high incomers from a series of 12 shooting blinds just as the upper class European sportsmen have done for decades.     Our European Schedule for 2015-

Preliminary European Hunt Schedule 
Fall 2017- Winter 2018

Fri  Nov    17.  Full
Fri. Dec.    1.  Spots available
Sat Dec.    9  Full
Mon Dec.  11  Full
Fri.   Dec. 15  Spots available
Sat   Jan.  20. Spots available
Sat   Jan.  27. Spots available
Sat.  Feb  10. Spots available
Sat.  Feb. 17. Spots available
Fri.   Mar.   2.  Full
Tue. Mar.   6.  Full
Fri.   Mar.   9.  Full
Sat.  Mar.  17 Full
Sat.  Mar.  24 Full
Sat   Mar.  31. Full

Additional days will be added. Please be sure to check later or contact us for possible new dates.


Entry is $380 per gun which includes shells, license, lunch, cap, birds cleaned etc.